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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 02
Episode 02: Welcome to the Jungle II

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, February 18th, 2008 - 0 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, March 29th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Jackie Marchand
Directed By: Mark Beesley

Nathaniel Lees (as Master Mao); Pat Courtenay (Voice of Mantor); Lisa Baldwin (News Reporter); Kelson Henderson (Voice of Flit).

New Shown: All new.

Summary: Casey finally manages to morph and become the Jungle Fury Red Ranger. He saves Fran, then unleashes the Tiger and takes down Mantor. Mantor isn't destroyed, he gets back up and makes himself grow by gathering people's fear. Spirit Master Mao returns and strikes giant Mantor out of the city. Spirit Master Mao says he will be watching over them. Camille reports back to Dai Shi.

R.J. explains to them they aren't ready for the growing technique. Camille is eager to destroy the Mantis, but the Mantis comes up with a new plan to break the city dam and flood Ocean Bluff. RJ assigns them their weapons. He assigns Theo with Tonfa, which Theo had learned his second year, Lily, pro with a Bo, and Casey with Nunchaku. Casey has never used Nunchaku before, and Theo believes that they shouldn't be hold back on their training just because Casey is a Cub. RJ explains that a team must be equal in order to succeed. If one member of the team isn't ready then none of them are. Camille infuses the Mantis with more power.

RJ asks Fran if she has any friends she likes to hang out with. She explains that books are her friends, she has no brothers or sisters, and her parents are always busy. Casey is great at tossing pizza. Lily reminds Theo that one needs a teacher in order to become good with a weapon. So Theo decides to teach him how to use the Nunchaku. RJ hires Fran to help with the customers. Casey quickly learns how to use his weapon.

Mantor breaks the city dam. Casey and Theo are called in to meet up with Lily in the city. A news reporter states that the city has been evacuated. Streets of the whole city is flooded, and the three barely make it up onto a rooftop. They see the giant Mantor, then find Camille and Rinshi waiting for them. The Three morph and destroy the Rinshi. RJ explains that they can combine their animal spirits. The Rangers summon their animal spirits to unite as one. They unite with their animal spirits, "Jungle Fury, Beast Spirit Mode!" Then combine to form the Jungle Pride Megazord, "Animal Spirits, Unite!" Flit the fly makes his way out of Camille and commentaries the whole Megazord battle. Mantor is destroyed by the Savage Spin, and Flit is swallowed by Camille again.

Now, Casey is teaching Theo how to toss a pizza. Camille reports back to Dai Shi. Dai Shi's face is revealed, it's Jarrod.

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