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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 04
Episode 04: A Taste of Poison

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, March 3rd, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, April 12th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Jackie Marchand
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

Kelson Henderson (Voice of Flit); Gerald Urquhart (Voice of Rantipede); Richard Simpson (Voice of Naja); Sarah Somerville (Voice of Stingarella); Bruce Hopkins (Voice of Gakko); Adam Gardiner (Voice of Toady).

New Shown: Dai Shi battle form; Strike Rider Cruise.

Summary: Dai Shi calls for five of the most dangerous warriors in his army. Camille brings him the "Five Fingers of Poison". Dai Shi orders them to go spread fear on the highest rooftop, which he explains will take his power to the next level.

Casey and Lily are making pizza for the customers. The two decide to have a little food fight. Theo walks in and tells them to stop, clean up, and finish making pizza for the hungry customers. But then, the three are called to action, and Fran is left alone to clean up the mess they made and serve the customers.

One of the Five Fingers of Poison awaits on a rooftop, watching people as they run in fear. The other four Fingers are walking towards the people, scaring them away. And meanwhile, Dai Shi is gathering all the people's fear to become stronger. The Rangers arrive on the rooftop, and the other four Fingers join them.

All Five Fingers: "By the power of Dai Shi, Inner Beast Arise!"
Rantipede: "A hundred legs to strike you -- Rantipede!"
Naja: "Fangs full of venom -- Naja!"
Stingerella: "Queen of the toxic dance -- Stingerella!"
Gakko: "Master of trickery and deceit -- Gacko!"
Toady: "Skin stronger than armor -- Toady!"
All Five Fingers: "We are the Five Fingers of Poison!"

Dai Shi begins gathering even the Rangers' fear. Unable to beat the Five Fingers, the Rangers become demorphed and are forced to retreat. The three stop running, then are attacked and blown off their feet. The five red Rinshi arrive, and so does Dai Shi. The three are surprised to see that Dai Shi is in the body of Jarrod. Camille also arrives. Dai Shi finally has enough power to morph himself with his Lion Spirit. Dai Shi challenges Casey to a battle. Casey morphs into battle. The Lion and Tiger Spirits battle while Dai Shi and Red Ranger fight. Dai Shi easily defeats Red Ranger. Stingerella poisons Casey. The group of villains return to base. Theo and Lily take Casey to his bed.

RJ reveals that he is making something new for Casey. Lily has a bad dream about Casey. While waiting for Camille or Dai Shi to show and give them orders, Naja calmly waits while the other four become impatient. Rantipede decides to wait no longer and takes off to destroy the Red Ranger himself. But Yellow Ranger shows up by herself instead. The two battle with great speed. Red and Blue Rangers show up, so Rantipede summons the Rinshi warriors. By powering it up with his Tiger Spirit, Red Ranger frees his new Strike Rider Cruise and destroys most of the Rinshi. Blue Ranger destroys the others while Yellow continues her battle with Rantipede. Dai Shi sends Camille out to stop Rantipede and bring him back. But Camille is stopped by Red's new cycle. With the Rinshi out of the way, the three Rangers regroup. Rantipede takes his bag off his head and underneath is a crawling head. He gathers their fear to make himself grow. They form the Jungle Pride Megazord. Rantipede attacks with his head, revealing it to be one long neck. Rantipede is destroyed by the Jungle Pride Megazord's Savage Spin.

RJ has Lily wash the dishes to learn a lesson for going off on her own. Casey is flattered that she went out there for him, but Lily explains that he's like a little brother to her. So Casey decides to treat Lily like he does his sisters. And the two have themselves a soap and water fight.

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