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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 05
Episode 05: Can't Win Them All

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, March 10th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, May 3rd, 2008 - 21 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Bruce Kalish
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

Kelson Henderson (Voice of Flit); Richard Simpson (Voice of Naja); Sarah Somerville (Voice of Stingarella); Bruce Hopkins (Voice of Gakko); Adam Gardiner (Voice of Toady).

New Shown: Jungle Fury Blue Ranger speed.

Summary: Gakko believes that if it was him who went out there alone instead of Rantipede they would be celebrating a victory. So Camille decides to send him out alone.

Gakko challenges the Rangers to fight him on a side of a tall building. The Rangers are unable to fight him there so Gakko leaves them for now and returns to base. Feeling foolish for losing the battle, overconfident Theo loses all confidence in himself. Theo stops doing everything, including his job. RJ does some dance moves, thinking no one is watching. But depressed Theo is there in the room not out doing his job. So RJ trains Theo to get his confidence back. Casey and Lily battle Rinshi, Gakko and Camille without Theo, which it's now two days later. RJ has Theo climb a rope, walk across, then juggle while balancing.

RJ explains that what makes great warriors is not winning every fight, it's what we do with ourselves when we lose. Theo gains his confidence back and joins the battle. Blue Ranger manages to battle Gakko off the side of the building. Gakko makes himself grow. Gakko is destroyed by the Jungle Pride Megazord's Savage Spin.

Theo returns to work.

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