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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 06
Episode 06: Dance the Night Away

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, March 17th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, May 10th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: John Tellegen
Directed By: Charlie Haskell

Kelson Henderson (Voice of Flit); Richard Simpson (Voice of Naja); Sarah Somerville (Voice of Stingarella); Adam Gardiner (Voice of Toady).

New Shown: Claw Cannon.

Summary: Theo waits for Lily to show in Jungle Karma Pizza. Lily and him always find a new lunch spot on the second Tuesday of every month. RJ walks in and tells Theo that Lily is upstairs getting her groove on with Casey. Toady is in love with Stingerella, but she wants him to leave her alone. Lily shows Casey some dance moves. Theo walks in and asks Lily if she forget about their lunch..."appointment". Lily tells him she didn't forget and had already picked out a place for the three of them. But Theo doesn't like the idea that Casey will be coming along too. Lily wants to show them another move before they go, which requires all three of them, one to throw her and one to catch her. RJ is doing some finish touches with the new Claw Cannon. RJ explains that it will work with all three of their animal spirits, two to charge it and one to shoot. Theo and Casey begin to argue as both want to be the one to catch her. Theo tells Casey that he is just the new guy.

Stingerella takes her army of Rhythmic Rinshi into the city and starts dancing. The dancing Rinshi and Stingerella take down the Rangers. Amazed by her beauty, Toady thinks he sees Blue Ranger touching Stingerella. So Toady makes himself grow to destroy the Rangers and save Stingerella. The Rangers form the Jungle Pride Megazord. Stingerella and her Rinshi return to base. Toady hops over and over again striking the megazord multiple times out of anger. The Rangers use the Savage Spin, but it doesn't destroy him. He gets back up and notices that Stingerella has left, so he returns to base.

Camille comes up with a plan to get Stingerella and Toady to work together to destroy the Rangers. Toady tells Camille that Stingerella rejected him, he fought for her love and she left him on the battlefield. So Camille tells him that she is just playing hard to get, and a girl likes to feel protected.

Naja questions Dai Shi's authority by asking him why he's keeping him there instead of sending him out into the battlefield. So Dai Shi reminds him who he's talking to. Dai Shi tells him that soon it will be his turn, Stingerella and Toady are failing to destroy the Rangers.

RJ has Lily teach Casey and Theo her new dance to incorporate into their Fighting Styles. Casey and Theo try to become better than the other, having a stand-off, instead of just learning together.

Stingerella and her army return, and the Rangers get a new groove on. The Rangers destroy the Rhythmic Rinshi. Toady shows his love for Stingerella by protecting her. Toady: "My love, together we will be unstoppable!" His Slime shielding stops all three of the Rangers' Animal Spirit's attacks. Stingerella then attacks. The two walk off together. The Rangers catch up to them and summon the Claw Cannon. Red Ranger tells them to wait, then starts battling the beasts while Yellow and Blue charge the cannon. While Red Ranger tries to fight off Toady, Stingerella attacks the other two and breaks their connection from the cannon. The Rangers are down once more, but Stingerella and Toady decide to go get married, then finish the Rangers, then have a honeymoon in Vegas. Red Ranger asks Blue Ranger which is it, are they a team or is he just the new guy.

Casey explains to Theo that he's not trying to steal his thunder, but Theo shouts at him saying that he is trying to steal his best friend. Lily steps in and tells Casey she doesn't care how long he was at the academy, he is a member of the team and they need him to work with them on the battlefield. Then she tells Theo that they have a bond that will last a lifetime, and that Casey is her friend too, a new friend. They apologize to each other and become friends again.

Stingerella and Toady took a walk together through the woods. They stop and look at a volcano. They decide to blast open the volcano so they can watch the city melt. Toady takes three of his exploding balls and throws them at the volcano. But the Rangers arrive and deflect the balls. Blue and Yellow summon the Claw Cannon again. Red battles the beasts to keep them busy long enough for Yellow and Blue to finish charging the cannon. Toady uses his slime force field. Red Ranger joins his team and now powers his energy with the cannon and fires. The blast from the Claw Cannon breaks through his Slime shielding and destroys Toady. For destroying her beloved, Stingerella makes herself grow, and the Rangers form the Jungle Pride Megazord.

Stingerella unleashes her swarm of Scorpions, covering the Megazord all over. And with just one sting, the Rangers will be in trouble. The Rangers use the Savage Spin and legs spin to destroy the Scorpions. Stingerella jumps to attack, but the Rangers counterattack. Stingerella is destroyed by a Super Kick, spinout attack.

Theo is still having trouble with getting use to there being three of them now instead of only him and Lily. Theo tells Fran that it's not love. RJ walk in and tells Theo that Lily has been waiting outside for ten minutes for their lunch thing, so Theo takes off quickly. Fran and RJ: "Ah, love."

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