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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 09
Episode 09: Good Karma, Bad Karma

Jetix DxD (online): Tuesday, April 15th, 2008.
TOON Disney: Monday, April 21st, 2008 - 21 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, May 31st, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: John Tellegen
Directed By: Vanessa Alexander

Edward Hall (Josh); Ashton Olds (Teen 1); Thomas Stoneman (Teen 2); Cameron Rhodes (Voice of Carnisoar); Robert Mignault (Voice of Slickagon); Jackson Bliss-McCauley (Young Jarrod).

New Shown: Josh; Carnisoar; "Black Lion Lunge!"; "Black Lion Warrior, Claws of Fire!"; Young Jarrod.

Summary: A kid walking sees a kite for five dollars. He overhears two other kids talk about going for some JK Pizza and play some video games their to. But he only has one Quarter so he can't buy the kite. More kids have been showing up at JKP than ever before, which RJ explains is because of the new toy store down the road.

Dai Shi strikes with the might of the Lion to break free the Sky Overlord's body from his tome. He uses a Life Talon to revive Carnisoar. Dai Shi battles Carnisoar to test him. Dai Shi loses the battle, as Carnisoar is much stronger. Dai Shi's new Master, Carnisoar, takes Jarrod into the past to erase his good deeds.

Camille sends out the Rinshi Eel, Slickagon, to clear out the city for Dai Shi by using his slime.

Carnisoar takes Dai Shi to Jarrod's past at his Grammar school. Young Jarrod didn't cheat on a test when another kid stole the answers. But Carnisoar changes his past and makes it so he did look at the answers.

The kid who wanted the kite goes to JKP to play a quick game. He inserts his Quarter into the machine, but the game doesn't work. Casey explains and shows him the Out of Order sign that fell to the floor, then tells him no refunds. So the kid steals his five dollar tip and Casey chases after him down the street. Casey catches up to him in front of the store and learns that he wanted the money for the kite. Casey tells Josh that when he was growing up there was this skateboard that he wanted so bad that he had to have it but just couldn't afford it, so he mowed his neighbors' lawn every Saturday until he saved up enough to buy it. Casey leaves him with the choice of making the right decision by returning the money.

Slickagon Slimes the streets. The Rangers fail to stop him.

Carnisoar takes Dai Shi to a farm Jarrod grew up just down the street from, the Heartland. Jarrod explains that the Fischers were good people, and when his parents weren't around, which was all the time, they would let him play on the farm and ride the horses. And when Mr. Fischer lost his job, the family was about to lose everything. So young Jarrod helped rally the town and raised enough money for the mortgages so they could survive until he found another job. But Carnisoar changes it so Jarrod never did.

Casey returns to the store and finds that Josh has just used the money to buy the kite.

Carnisoar takes Dai Shi to Jarrod's school playground, when young Jarrod was being bullied, pushed around, by some kids. Young Jarrod knew Kung Fu, but because of the code to not use your fighting skills against inferior opponents, young Jarrod chose not to fight back. Dai Shi changes this and makes it so young Jarrod chooses to fight them.

Josh and Casey see the Rangers fighting Slickagon. Josh tells him he loves the Power Rangers. Casey explains that they don't like thieves, and you can't have it both ways, either your a good guy or a bad guy. So Josh chooses to give the Kite to Casey and says he's sorry. Red Ranger uses the kite to deslime Slickagon while Blue and Yellow defeat Rinshi warriors. They use the Claw Cannon, but Slickagon survives and makes himself grow. Slickagon is destroyed by the Jungle Pride with Elephant Power's "Jungle Mace, Savage Spin!"

The new Dai Shi returns to base with Carnisoar. Carnisoar tells Dai Shi to punish Camille for her failure. Dai Shi fires upon her. She quickly moves out of the way. Camille wants Carnisoar to be gone and for the Dai Shi she knows and loves to return.

Casey has a new helper at JKP. Casey is paying Josh one Quarter a table to clean. Theo and Lily hire Josh to clean their tables as well.

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