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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 15
Episode 15: Bad to the Bone

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, June 2nd, 2008 - 14 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 - 21 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Bruce Kalish
Directed By: Jonathan Brough

Stephen Lovatt (Voice of Hamhock); Elisabeth Easther (Voice of Jellica); Cameron Rhodes (Voice of Carnisoar); Peter Ford (Voice of Porcupongo); Derek Judge (Voice of Grizzaka).

New Shown: Jungle Master Rangers use Claw Cannon; Jungle Master with Shark Power; Cheetah Motorcycle; Claw Boosters Combined attack; Jungle Master with Elephant Power.

Summary: Thinking about his last battle with Master Red, Dai Shi takes his anger out on some Rinshi. Camille brings forth Hamhock. Dai Shi sends the Rinshi Beast out to attack the Rangers. Dai Shi tries blaming Carnisoar and Jellica for his defeat, but to prove him wrong and remind him of his place, they attack him and easily take him down. While exiting, Carnisoar and Jellica decide they need to find a source of greater power to destroy the Rangers.

Fran is excited, as she knows her friends are Rangers. Someone calls for a pizza to be delivered. RJ starts having pains where Dai Shi attacked him, but instead of telling them the truth, he says he pulled a muscle. Casey goes to deliver the pizza, but when he arrives at the location, he finds that the caller was really a Rinshi Beast. Lily and Theo leave to go help Casey. The Rangers morph into Jungle Master Mode. They fire the Claw Cannon, but the Rinshi Beast survives and makes himself grow. The Rangers form the Jungle Master with Shark Power. Hamhock is destroyed by a fin slashing attack.

Camille brings forth Rinshi Porcupine. Dai Shi sends Porcupongo out into the city. Carnisoar and Jellica return to Dai Shi and explain they must call the last Overlord, Grizzaka. But Dai Shi explains that it's a bad idea and he doesn't trust him. Carnisoar gives Camille the Overlord Bracelet that will lead her to the cave of darkness, and the last Life Talon to bring Grizzaka back to life.

Porcupongo jabs Yellow Ranger multiple times with his Porcupine Power of quills then leaves. Back at loft, RJ pulls all the quills out of Lily he could find, then Lily starts acting rude towards everyone and leaves. RJ's pains return. Casey and Theo go help Fran with the customers. RJ rips his purple shirt, as the Wolf Spirit is trying to get out.

Camille arrives at the cave and tosses in the bracelet and Life Talon, and Grizzaka is revived. Grizzaka pulls her inside. Lily arrives at JKP on a motorcycle. She makes some customers leave so she can sit at the table. Casey and Theo go up to check on RJ. They find RJ's cut hair, but no RJ. The monitoring system picks up another disturbance in the city. And when Casey and Theo arrive, they find a werewolf. Red and Blue battle the wolfman, but he manages to escape, then Porcupongo appears. Instead of helping her friends, Lily demands Fran to bring her more food. Fran stands up to her. Lily says to Fran that if she's so worried then help them herself. So Fran takes her Morpher, but Lily gets up and fights for them back. During the fight, the last quill gets shot out of Lily. Lily is returned to normal and doesn't seem to remember what happened. Lily apologizes to Fran and goes to help the others. RJ returns and goes right up to loft.

Master Yellow apologizes to Red and Blue. The two then morph into Master Mode and all three take down Porcupongo with their Claw boosters. Porcupongo makes himself grow. The Rangers form the Jungle Master with Elephant Power. Porcupongo is destroyed by the Megazord's Jungle Mace finisher.

Dai Shi wonders why Camille hasn't returned yet. Jellica points out to him that he knows Grizzaka blames him for losing the Beast War, and that Grizzaka hates humans and Dai Shi is now one. Grizzaka moves forward to destroy Camille, but she explains that she was sent to bring him to the temple of Dai Shi.

Fran, Lily, Casey and Theo clean up JKP, and RJ is missing again. It's a full moon night, and a wolf howls.

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