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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 17
Episode 17: No "I" in Leader

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, June 23rd, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday August 30th, 2008 - 14 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: ...
Written By: William Carter
Directed By: Vanessa Alexander

Derek Judge (Voice of Grizzaka); Nathaniel Lees (as Master Mao).

New Shown: Combined blast from Claw Cannon and Wolf Morpher; "Wolf! Tiger! Jaguar!" summon; "Wolf Pride Megazord" name.

Summary: RJ, Lily and Theo are training. Casey walks in and wonders why they've already started when he said training will be at 3:00. Theo explains that RJ changed it to 2:00. Casey wants to do some weapons practice but Lily explains they have already done it.

Dai Shi and Camille standby as Grizzaka uses Zokato(or Zocato) Power to reveal an army of statues from a small mountainside and awake two of his Mighty Guards. Wolf Ranger handles one of the Guards, but the other Rangers have a hard time trying to stop the other one. Yellow and Blue ask Red Ranger what they should do, but Red doesn't seem to know. They don't even bother to try using Master Mode. Wolf Ranger says to attack in sync, Yellow and Blue attack from the sides while he does an aerial. Red Ranger can only watch as Yellow and Blue hold the Guards while Wolf Ranger fires his Wolf Beam from above. The two Guards retreat.

The Rangers begin more training. The three battle Wolf Ranger to test thier skills and power. They summon the Claw Cannon to fire upon him and test the strength of his Wolf Morpher. Wolf Ranger fires a Beam Blast and the two blasts collide. The Rangers are demorphed. Theo wonders what happened as RJ had adjusted his moprher. RJ explains it wasn't his morpher that was to strong, one of their Animal Spirits wasn't up to strength. Casey then storms off back to loft.

Back at loft, RJ has Lily and Theo go help Fran while he and Casey talk. Casey explains he feels he is just a cub again with RJ as a Ranger now. RJ tells him the Tiger leads the team, not the Wolf. The Guards return to the city. In the forest, Dai Shi summons an army of Rinshi warriors to attack him in hopes that he will be able to harness his Zokato Power if his survival depends on it. While fighting the Rinshi, Dai Shi starts to feel stronger. Yellow and Blue battle the Guards. RJ helps Casey see that he is a leader through instinct. The Guards defeat Yellow and Blue. They fire upon Lily and Theo, but Casey runs in, without morphing, to take the blast instead of them. RJ throws Casey an ordinary satellite dish which Casey uses to deflect the attack back at them as the dish is not destroyed. The four morph and continue the battle. Yellow and Blue finally morph into Master Mode while they battle one of the Guards. Battling the other Guard with Wolf Ranger, Red morphs into Master Mode. The Rangers regroup and summon the Claw Cannon. They combine their Claw Cannon blast with the Wolf Beam and destroy the two Guards. Grizzaka uses his Zokato Power to resurrect them giant. Wolf Spirit Zord and Jungle Master Megazord take them on.

Dai Shi destroys the Rinshi, but was unable to harness the Zokato Power. Master Mao appears and tells Jarrod he must break free of Dai Shi's control over him. Dai Shi tells him that Jarrod can not hear him. Master Mao then says Jarrod's humanity and his Lion Spirit form a union that can not be destroyed, and even Dai Shi can not match the power of such a Nexus. Wolf Ranger summons the Tiger Spirit Zord and Jaguar Spirit Zord and forms the Wolf Pride Megazord. The two Guards are destroyed by the two Megazords.

Back at the temple, Dai Shi searches for a map, and Camille offers to help. Dai Shi explains he is searching for the map to the Rhino Nexus. RJ, Casey, Lily and Theo try a new dessert of Fran's -- Anchovies with Chocolate. And RJ seems to be the only one who likes it.

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