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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 20
Episode 20: Dash for the Dagger

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, July 14th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday September 20th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: ...
Written By: Sofia Sprittey
Directed By: Jonathan Brough

Nathaniel Lees (as Master Mao); Elisabeth Easther (Voice of Jellica); Cameron Rhodes (Voice of Carnisoar); Derek Judge (Voice of Grizzaka); Stefan Davern (Voice of Whirnado (Whimado)); Nic Sampson (Voice of Whiricane (Whirricane)).

New Shown: Control Dagger...

Summary: Dominic has a dream about Master Mao giving him a Control Dagger. Master Mao tells him it will help guide him on the path to his destiny and tells him to keep it save.

Dai Shi returns to the temple, but he is captured by Jellica. Dominic tells the others about his dream of Master Mao. He explains it was more like a memory of the day he left Pai Zhuq six years ago, the day Master Mao gave him the Control Dagger. RJ tells the legend of the dagger and the Rhino Nexus. RJ explains that the dagger controls the Rhino Nexus, in the Jungle of Spirits there is this massive tree, and at the top, powers of the Rhino, and without the dagger no one gets through, but if you have the dagger you can go straight in. Dominic goes to retrieve the dagger, and Theo goes with him. Grizzaka sends Whirnado out to destroy the Rangers. Carnisoar reveals that they now have two of the Crystal Eyes. Jellica brings Dai Shi to Grizzaka and shows him that Dai Shi had the map to the Rhino Nexus. Grizzaka says that Pai Zhuq has the Control Dagger and explains to Dai Shi that if he wants the power he better have the Control Dagger first. Dai Shi tries to stop Grizzaka but again fails. Dai Shi is then confined in a cell.

Dominic goes to a restaurant. Theo thinks he's just wasting time, but after ordering a sandwich, Dominic reaches down in between the seat and pulls out the Control Dagger. Not happy with Dominic's hiding place, Theo takes the dagger and tells Dom he is no longer allowed to touch it then rushes out the door to return to loft. Dominic quickly pays the waitress and heads on out after him. They share a ride in a taxicab with a lady heading to the Laundromat. Camille goes to Dai Shi. He tells her he needs the Control Dagger to enter the Rhino Nexus. Camille leaves to find the dagger. After helping the lady take out her baskets of clothes from the cab, Theo and Dom go back into the cab and head for loft.

Whirnado attacks the city, and the Red, Yellow and Wolf Rangers arrive to stop him. They call for Theo and Dominic to help, but then Theo realizes he lost the Control Dagger. Camille attacks Yellow Ranger and learns that one of them has the dagger. Theo and Dominic return to the Laundromat, but the lady isn't there so Theo starts a search frenzy. Master Red, Master Yellow and Wolf Ranger unite their powers and take down Whirnado, but Grizzaka makes him grow. Wolf Ranger forms the Wolf Pride Megazord. Dominic finds the Control Dagger tumbling in a dryer and gives it to Theo. But Theo gives it back to him and tells him to take it straight to the loft. Camille was there spying on them, disguised as a human. Master Blue arrives and the Jungle Master Megazord is formed. Whirnado is attacked by the Wolf Pride Megazord's Spin Fury finisher but survives and tries to escape, so the Master Rangers form Bat Power with the Jungle Master Megazord and fly after him. Whirnado is struck down by a punching, "Spin Attack", finisher. But before being destroyed, Whirnado lays an egg. Whirnado is destroyed, and the egg goes into the ground.

On his way back to loft, Dominic tries to save a lady from thugs but finds it's really Camille and Rinshi who are after the Control Dagger. Rhino Ranger destroys the Rinshi then battles Camille. When the other Rangers arrive to help, Camille manages to get the Control Dagger and escape with it. The egg rises from out of the ground and a new villain is hatched, Whiricane. The five Rangers combine their powers and Whiricane is taken down by the Rhino Morpher, Super Blade Attack. Grizzaka makes Whiricane grow, and the Jungle Master Megazord is formed. Whiricane is destroyed by the Fury Fists (Full Fury) attack.

The team returns to loft, but heads right back out to get the dagger back. Camille brings Dai Shi the Control Dagger. Dai Shi uses the dagger to escape from his prison.

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