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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 24
Episode 24: Blue Ranger, Twin Danger

Jetix DxD (online): Tuesday, August 5th, 2008.
TOON Disney: Monday, August 11th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: Saturday, November 15th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: ...
Written By: KJ Bekman
Directed By: Mike Smith

Bruce Allpress (Master Phant); Oliver Driver (Master Swoop); Paul Gittins (Master Finn); Richard Simpson (Voice of Snapper); Jared Turner (Voice of Whiger); Mark Wright (Voice of Scorch); Geoff Houtman (Voice of Dynamir); Aljin Abella (Luen).

New Shown: Luen; Wolf Pride with Bat Power.

Summary: The Spirit Rangers have arrived. While still chained up in the temple and under the power of the three Phantom Beast Generals' Rinzin power through the Crystal Eyes, Master Phant, Master Swoop and Master Finn prepare to battle as the Spirit Rangers. The five morph and battle the Spirit Rangers. The Rangers try their Jungle Fan, Shark Sabers and Jungle Mace, but the Spirit Rangers have their own. The Rangers are losing. They realize that they're fighting Spirit Rangers, their Masters' Animal Spirits. They try Jungle Master Mode but still fail to land a hit against the Spirit Rangers. Wolf Ranger sees his father's eyes through the visor of the Shark Spirit Ranger. Master Finn breaks free from being controlled, the Shark Spirit Ranger disappears, then Master Finn helps free Master Swoop and Master Phant from being controlled and the other two Spirit Rangers disappears.

Back at loft, RJ explains that the Spirit Rangers are being remote controlled (mental radio waves) from the Masters. Fran gives Theo a message that was left for him. After reading the message, Theo immediately picks up the phone to call someone. RJ explains a device of his that can detect a signal and jam the radio waves. Theo calls his brother, Luen, and says he's way to busy for a visit and says to call him and don't just show up. Scorch explains to Dai Shi that the fight has drained the Masters' spirits and they must let them recover.

RJ and Theo return to JKP after testing the signal jamming device and find that Theo's twin brother, Luen, has come to visit and is inside JKP playing a guitar for everyone while he waits for Theo. Luen is a Thrill Seeker. Dai Shi orders General Scorch to energize the Spirit Rangers. Scorch has Dynamir assist the Spirit Rangers. Luen asks Theo if Kung Fu training and making pizzas is all he's been doing since they last saw each other. But after Theo says that is all, Theo then confronts Luen about his life. Theo thinks Luen is wasting his time going on Thrill Adventures, and then telling everyone about them and exaggerating the stories. Theo then accidentally gets food on Luen's shirt. So Theo lets his brother go up stairs into loft to borrow a shirt of his. Lily tells Theo she heard them talking. Theo admits to Lily that he's actually jealous of his brother. Lily then asks Theo to help her get the groceries, but Theo goes up stairs to change first. Luen comes back down in one of Theo's shirts, and Lily thinks it is Theo and takes Luen out with her to go to the store. Theo comes back down and learns from Fran that Lily and Luen went to the store.

While delivering a pizza, Dominic encounters the Spirit Rangers. Dynamir appears and traps Dominic in one of his mirrors. A customer calls JKP and says their pizza hasn't been delivered yet. RJ and Casey head out to the location of the delivery address with the signal jamming device. Lily tells Luen, thinking he's Theo, that he shouldn't be jealous of Luen. Luen then explains that he's not Theo, and explains that ever since they were kids, Theo was always striving to make himself better. Luen never had a focus and always wanted to be more like Theo. The Spirit Rangers and Dynamir appear. Dynamir captures Lily and Luen. RJ and Casey find the JKP Delivery Scooter and the pizza, but no Dom. The Spirit Rangers appear and attack them. Casey morphs and calls for Theo. RJ morphs, but Dynamir kicks the jamming device out of his hands. Theo arrives at the scene. Master Red and Wolf Ranger are captured by Dynamir. Dynamir believes that he has captured all five Rangers. Theo finds the jamming device, and Dynamir learns that he only has four of the Rangers. The Spirit Rangers attack Theo. Theo uses the jamming device and the Spirit Rangers vanish, then he morphs and takes on Dynamir. Blue Ranger goes to Master Mode. Master Blue causes Dynamir to drop his mirrors, and the others are freed. RJ finds that his jamming device has been damaged and is overheated. Luen learns that Theo is a Ranger. Dynamir then grows. Master Red and Master Yellow form Jungle Master Megazord. Rhino Ranger brings in Rhino Pride Megazord. Dynamir uses one of his boomerangs and the Jungle Master Megazord vanishes. Blue Ranger and Wolf Ranger form Wolf Pride with Bat Power and do a super kick, spin attack. Dynamir is then destroyed by the Rhino Pride Megazord's Rhino Seal, Super Blade attack.

Back at loft, Luen prepares to leave. But before going, Theo and Luen apologize, and Theo tells him that he has always been proud of him.

RJ is meditating. Master Finn contacts RJ and tells him he must take the risk...

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