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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 25
Episode 25: One Last Second Chance

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, August 18th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: - Saturday, November 29th, 2008 - 14 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: ...
Written By: Ally Mondera
Directed By: Mike Smith

Bruce Allpress (Master Phant); Oliver Driver (Master Swoop); Paul Gittins (Master Finn); Richard Simpson (Voice of Snapper); Jared Turner (Voice of Whiger); Mark Wright (Voice of Scorch); Kelson Henderson (Voice of Flit); David Capstick (Voice of Unidoom); John Callen (Voice of Sonimax); Nick Kemplen (Voice of Osiris); Sarah Thomson (Voice of Lepus).

New Shown: Jungle Master Rangers using other weapons; Spirit Rangers finish attacks.

Summary: RJ modifies the Claw Cannon to work with Elephant, Bat and Shark Spirits instead of Tiger, Cheetah and Jaguar. RJ explains that the blast should cancel their opponent's Spirit Energy, but they're worried it might also destroy the Master.

Master Finn tries reaching out to Jarrod again, so Scorch attacks him, but Dai Shi attacks Scorch with Zocato Power. Dai Shi explains his outbursts could weaken his Spirit. The Rangers enter the Jungle and wait for the Spirit Rangers to show. The Spirit Rangers appear. Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers summon the Claw Cannon and power it with Elephant, Bat and Shark Spirits. They fire the cannon at the Shark Spirit Ranger. The Shark Spirit Ranger vanishes, and Master Finn is transferred into a Crystal Eye. The other two Spirit Rangers then disappear. Camille and Flit appear. Camille tells RJ and the others they destroyed Master Finn, then returns to the temple and takes Flit with her. Scorch explains to Dai Shi that Master Finn is captured inside a Crystal Eye. Dai Shi orders him to put him somewhere he will never be found. Scorch summons Unidoom and orders him to cast the Crystal Eye into the Sea.

Lily finds RJ in the city and tries to cheer him up. But RJ can't stop thinking there might of been some other way. Unidoom throws the Crystal Eye to the ocean, but Flit catches it. Unidoom arrives in the city. Red, Yellow, Blue and Rhino Rangers show up. Then the other two Spirit Rangers appear. RJ returns to loft. Flit brings RJ the Crystal Eye and informs him that his father wasn't destroyed but is captured inside the Crystal Eye. Flit then tells RJ there are no problems he can not solve, only problems he hasn't solved yet. Flit goes back to Camille. RJ realizes that his father may have already given him the answer. RJ returns to his father's place and hopes that he's right that his father captured starlight. RJ removes the lens cap from the telescope, and starlight frees his father from the Crystal Eye.

RJ and Master Finn make their way to Dai Shi's temple and fight through Rinshi. RJ and Master Finn make it to the other two Masters. the two Spirit Rangers disappear. Dai Shi tries to stop the four Masters. Master Finn explains to Dai Shi that if he could, he would destroy them, but Jarrod and his Black Lion Spirit won't allow it, and will someday cast him out. Dai Shi then attacks. RJ uses his Wolf Spirit and the four Masters escape.

Unidoom takes down Masters Red, Yellow, Blue and Rhino Ranger. Camille wants Rinzin power. Wolf Ranger arrives, and the three Spirit Rangers appear. Camille joins the battle and summons Rinshi, then all eight Rangers attack. Wolf Ranger takes on Camille while the others destroy the Rinshi. Unidoom is destroyed by the Elephant, Bat and Shark Spirit Rangers' finish attacks from their weapons.

The five return to loft where they find their three Masters. Master Swoop explains that from now on, they'll have the Spirit Rangers to help them battle the Dai Shi. Camille asks Phantom Beast Warriors for some Rinzin power, but they only laugh at her. Dai Shi is displeased with the Phantom Beast Generals, but Whiger's White Tiger Spirit gives him an idea.

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