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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 27
Episode 27: Tigers Fall, Lions Rise

Jetix DxD (online): Tuesday, September 30th, 2008.
TOON Disney: Monday, October 6th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: Saturday, December 13th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: John Edward
Directed By: Luke Robinson

Richard Simpson (Voice of Snapper); Jared Turner (Voice of Whiger); Mark Wright (Voice of Scorch); Jonathan Gregory Mahon-Heap (Jimmy); Elliot Lawless (Todd).

New Shown: Jimmy; Phantom Beast King; Phantom Beast General, Camille.

Summary: Casey has been teaching a Kung Fu class. The five are walking through the woods when they decide to do some training. A boy name Jimmy sees the Rangers training. Since both Whiger and Casey have tiger spirits, Dai Shi orders Whiger to destroy the Red Ranger.

Jimmy gets to the Kung Fu class at Town Center Community Part and tells the other students about seeing the Rangers. But the class bully, Todd, doesn't believe him and makes fun of him. Casey arrives and class begins, but Todd continues to make fun of Jimmy.

While jogging in the woods, Casey tells RJ about the bully situation and wonders what he should do. RJ challenges Casey to race to a cliff, but RJ tricks him. Casey makes it to the cliff alone, then is attacked by Whiger. Whiger steals Casey's Tiger Spirit. Wolf Ranger jumps in and battles Whiger, then Whiger escapes.

Back at loft, Casey tries to summon his Tiger Spirit but can't. Then when Dom asks who Whiger is, RJ takes out a scroll and explains about the Phantom Beast Generals that during the Ancient Beast Wars not only did they fight against the humans, but they also tried to overthrow Dai Shi.

Whiger returns to the temple and battles Dai Shi to prove he has Red Ranger's Tiger Spirit. Dai Shi is pleased, and tells the generals that he is now much closer to becoming the Phantom Beast King.

Back to class, Casey is teaching Jimmy to follow his spirit, but Casey is feeling drained. Casey has Jimmy and Todd spar against each other. Casey learns of Jimmy's Spirit, but Todd begins to fight dirty. After class, Casey cheers up Jimmy and tells him he has a Tiger Spirit, like the Red Ranger.

The three Phantom Beast Generals bond their Spirits to Dai Shi, and Dai Shi bonds his Spirit to the Phantom Beasts, and with the power of Rinzin, they make Dai Shi their Phantom Beast King. The King orders them to make Camille a Phantom Beast General. Camille chooses to have the Spirit of a Phoenix and she becomes a Phantom Beast General.

Casey returns to JKP, but then receives a mental message from Whiger to come face him. RJ tells Casey to stay while he and the others go after Whiger. RJ, Lily, Dom and Theo battle Whiger. Dai Shi then shows up with the other Generals. Whiger, Snapper and Camille battle the Rangers. After beating the Rangers, the Phantom Beasts leave.

Back at loft, Casey is feeling useless without his Tiger Spirit. But RJ tells him that it isn't his Spirit that makes him stronger, it's him that makes the Spirit stronger. Back at the temple, Dai Shi orders Whiger to destroy Casey.

Casey sees Whiger, but can't morph. The other Rangers show up and battle Whiger. remembering what RJ told him, Casey charges up his Tiger Spirit energy and morphs directly into Jungle Master Mode. Masters Red, Yellow and Blue summon the Claw Cannon, but Master Red doesn't have enough Tiger Spirit to help charge it. Jimmy uses his Tiger Spirit to help them charge and fire the Claw Cannon, and Todd sees this. After taken a blast from the Claw Cannon, Whiger makes himself grow. The three Megazords are formed, but Whiger is still to strong. They try using the Jungle Master Stampede, but Whiger isn't destroyed, he is forced back to normal size.

Back to class, Jimmy tells the other students that he helped the Rangers. Casey allows Jimmy to pick his training partner. Jimmy picks Todd to teach each other a few things and be friends.

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