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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 28
Episode 28: The Spirit of Kindness

Jetix DxD (online): Not Shown at the Time.
TOON Disney: Monday, October 13th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: Saturday, December 20th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Moni Zamazene
Directed By: Luke Robinson

Richard Simpson (Voice of Snapper); Mark Wright (Voice of Scorch); Jared Turner (Voice of Whiger); Andrew Robertt (Voice of Rammer); Ian Hughes (Voice of Badrat).

New Shown: Claw Cannon powered with Jaguar, Wolf and Rhino; Jungle Master Red with Shark Sabers combined slash attack; Rhino Morpher and Claw Booster combined (Blue); White Tiger Spirit; Animal Spirits, Full Fury blast; Jungle Pride Charge.

Summary: Rammer and Badrat are ordered to capture some humans with their dust to feed off the humans' fear. Snapper explains that the Rangers' Animal Spirits must be worn down before they can be captured. Dai Shi takes Whiger's Rinzin power away from him, absorbs it, then banishes him from the temple.

In JKP, the team encounter a little white rat. RJ captures the rat in a trap with a slice of pizza.

Rammer and Badrat capture some humans with their dust. The Rangers leave to intercept the Rammer and Badrat, but since Casey still doesn't have his Tiger Spirit, RJ has him stay to keep Maurice (the rat) company. Whiger contacts Casey again to challenge him to another fight. The Rangers arrive and battle Badrat. Casey shows up to battle Whiger. But Whiger is weak without his Rinzin power. Badrat tries his dust on the Rangers, but their Animal Spirits protect them. Rammer shows up giant size. So Wolf and Rhino Rangers use their Megazords while Masters Yellow and Blue battle Badrat. Whiger almost falls over a cliff, but Casey saves him. Casey leaves to help the others. Master Blue combines his Claw Booster with the Rhino Morpher and punishes Badrat, and Rammer is struck by the Rhino Seal finisher. But before being destroyed, Badrat used his power to switch places. So now it's Badrat against the Megazords, and Rammer against Masters Yellow and Blue. Badrat takes out the Megazords and returns to normal size, then tries the dust again and captures the four Rangers.

The captured humans, including the four, are shrunken and inside rat traps. Casey finds the city empty. Whiger takes Casey to where everyone is. Camille shows up, so Whiger gives Casey back his Tiger Spirit. They attack Camille with both of their Tiger Spirits, then Camille leaves. Whiger has used up his energy and is fading away. Whiger tells Casey that Dai Shi has proven to be his enemy, and Casey has proven to be his friend. Whiger then tells Casey he must destroy them for all Tigers. Whiger fades away. Casey morphs directly into Jungle Master Mode and uses the Shark Sabers to free everyone.

Jungle Master Red Ranger battles Rammer and Badrat with the Shark Sabers. Then after the others have a turn at punishing the Beasts, Master Red combines his Claw Booster with the Rhino Morpher and finishes them. But Rammer and Badrat then grow, and the Rangers form their three Megazords. The Megazords are knocked out, so the Rangers summon all of their Animal Spirits and unleash a Full Fury attack that destroys Rammer, but not Badrat. So the Rangers form Jungle Pride Charge, and Badrat is finally destroyed by the Full Fury, Savage Spin attack.

Back at JKP, RJ gives Maurice away to a girl who lost her pet.

In the temple, Scorch and Snapper are not happy with the King and fear that Dai Shi is loosing control of the human, Jarrod.

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