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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 30
Episode 30: To Earn Your Stripes

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, October 27th, 2008 - 7 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: Saturday, January 3rd, 2009 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Bruce Kalish
Directed By: Mark Beesley

Richard Simpson (Voice of Snapper); Mark Wright (Voice of Scorch); Bruce Allpress (Master Phant); Oliver Driver (Master Swoop); Paul Gittins (Master Finn); John Callen (Voice of Sonimax); Nick Kemplen (Voice of Osiris); Sarah Thomson (Voice of Lepus).

New Shown: ...

Summary: RJ tells Casey, Lily and Theo that they are going on a trip, leaving Fran and Dom to handle things alone at JKP. Dai Shi and Jarrod struggle for control over Jarrod's body. Camille gets Dai Shi to rest. Jarrod thanks Camille, showing that Dai Shi does not have full control. Scorch and Snapper witness the human's emotions for Camille and plan to destroy Camille to protect Dai Shi. Struggling for control, Dai Shi tells Jarrod that it's impossible to win, and that he has the strength of the lion, but not the heart.

RJ takes Casey, Lily and Theo to the Pai Zhuq school where Master Phant, Master Swoop and Master Finn are waiting for them. Master Phant explains to Casey, Lily and Theo that the time has come for their Masters Test, but Casey doubts he is ready. In order to pass and earn their Master Stripes, they must be successful against their Masters in battle. Lily and Theo pass the test, but Casey does not.

Scorch and Snapper order Sonimax, Osiris and Lepus to destroy Camille, saying that the order is from Dai shi himself. Casey goes for a run. Dai Shi goes to look for Camille. Camille is in the woods looking for Dai Shi. She is ambushed by Sonimax, Osiris and Lepus. Casey hears them and checks it out. Camille is about to be destroyed, but Jarrod comes to her rescue. Jarrod uses the powers of the Phantom Beast King against the three warriors. Lepus escapes, but Sonimax and Osiris are destroyed by Jarrod. Jarrod takes Camille back to the temple. Casey starts heading back to tell the others, but then is attacked by Lepus. So Casey morphs and battles her.

RJ explains to Lily and Theo why Casey failed his Masters Test. He says Casey is an amazing fighter, and a great leader, but a Pai Zhuq Master doesn't ask, he knows.

Scorch and Snapper show up to help Lepus, and the other Rangers join up with Red Ranger. Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers summon the Spirit Rangers then go to Master Mode. The Spirit Rangers battle Scorch and Snapper. Scorch and Snapper easily fight off the Spirit Rangers. The Jungle Master Rangers summon the Claw Cannon. Lepus is hit by a combined blast from the Claw Cannon, Wolf Morpher Wolf Beam and Rhino Morpher, then grows. The Rangers summon all of their Animal Spirits. Lepus is destroyed by the blast from the Animal Spirits Stampede. Scorch and Snapper return to the temple.

Back at JKP, Casey tells Lily and Theo what he saw, but they don't believe him. Jarrod sets Camille on Dai Shi's throne for her to rest and tells her he won't let anything happen to her. But then Dai Shi regains control and orders Camille off his throne.

Casey goes to RJ for more training, but RJ tells him that he's done training him and explains that he has taught him everything he needs to know, and how Casey uses that knowledge is up to him.

Dai Shi attacks Scorch and Snapper, but Scorch and Snapper explain they were only trying to protect him. Dai Shi tells them he is in total control, and the final Beast War is near.

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