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 Power Rangers Jungle Fury : Fierce Measure : Episode 32
Episode 32: Now the Final Fury

Jetix DxD (online): Not shown at the time.
TOON Disney: Monday, November 3rd, 2008 - 0 days since last new episode.
abc Kids: Saturday, January 17th, 2009 - 7 days since last new episode.

Co-Producer: Jackie Marchand
Written By: Jackie Marchand
Directed By: Mark Beesley

Mark Wright (Voice of Scorch); Bruce Allpress (Master Phant); Oliver Driver (Master Swoop); Paul Gittins (Master Finn); Kelson Henderson (Voice of Flit); Geoff Dolan (Voice of Dai Shi); Richard Simpson (Voice of Snapper); John Callen (Voice of Sonimax); Geoff Houtman (Voice of Dynamir); David Capstick (Voice of Unidoom); Andrew Robertt (Voice of Rammer); Ian Hughes (Voice of Badrat); Darren Young (Voice of Grinder); Nick Kemplen (Voice of Osiris); Sarah Thomson (Voice of Lepus); Nathaniel Lees (as Master Mao); Michelle Langstone (Master Guin); Andrew Laing (Master Lope); Stig Eldred (Master Rilla)...

New Shown: Masters' Animal forms.

Summary: Jarrod and Camille enter the Forbidden Room at Pai Zhuq. Jarrod wants to get as far away from everyone as possible so he can't hurt anyone else. Camille tries to get him to realize that they could change. But Jarrod doesn't want to change back to being a mean spirited bully.

RJ and Dom intercept an attack in the city while the others go to find Jarrod. Scorch and Rinshi are in the city gathering more fear for Dai Shi. Scorch quickly defeats Wolf and Rhino Rangers. But before Scorch can finish them, Masters Phant, Swoop and Finn arrive.

Casey, Lily and Theo enter the Forbidden Room and tell Jarrod that it's never too late to start over, but Jarrod tells them he will never call his Lion Spirit again.

The Masters are no match for Scorch. Red, Yellow and Blue Rangers arrive to battle Scorch while the others take care of the Rinshi invasion. The three Rangers destroy Scorch with a Triple Claw Attack. Dai Shi appears and opens the door to the Spirit World and brings forth his Beast Army. The Rangers, Masters and Spirit Rangers battle the Army and Rinshi. From the Beast Army, Scorch has returned once again and battles Red Ranger. Masters Mao, Guin, Lope and Rilla come through the portal and join the battle. Masters Phant, Swoop, Finn, Mao, Guin, Lope and Rilla morph to the highest level of their Animal Spirits and blast Dai Shi's Army. The Beast Army is destroyed, but then Dai Shi steals the Masters' spirits, giving him enough energy to restore to his true Dragon Form.

Flit informs Jarrod and Camille about Dai Shi attacking. Camille tells Jarrod that the Yellow Ranger once told her that inside she is a good person. So to prove her right, Camille heads on out to help the others. Camille asks Jarrod if he's coming with her, but Jarrod doesn't answer and needs more time to think.

Dai Shi attacks the Rangers with his Dragon heads. Camille arrives and strikes one of Dai Shi's heads back. Wolf Ranger and Rhino Ranger form their Megazords but are easily taken out. Jarrod shows up and goes to Lion warrior mode. Lion warrior uses his Zocato power and goes inside of Dai Shi and starts attacking him from within, weakening Dai Shi. The chosen three protectors demorph and tap into their highest potential of power, power that has never been reached by any student or Master. Casey, Lily and Theo combine their energy in a blast that destroys Dai Shi, and the Masters regain their Animal Spirits. And Jarrod is better than ok, he's good.

Back at Pai Zhuq school, Casey is teaching a beginners class. Jarrod and Camille have joined the beginners class and say that it's never to late to start over. Casey has to leave for a little bit and asks Jarrod to takeover the class while he's away. But before Casey leaves, Jarrod gets the Tiger Master a towel. Jarrod prepares to teach the other students some moves from the Lion Technique. Spirit Master Mao has been watching them, and vanishes with a smile.

Lily and Theo continue working at JKP. Theo finally asks Lily out on a date, and Lily says yes. Camille has turned Flit back into a human, and Flit is now working at JKP and gives a play-by-play. Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Dominic as he is heading back out to travel the World. But after going out the door, Dom walks back in and says he got Fran a ticket too. He asks her if she would like to backpack through Europe with him, and she says yes.

The wall of the Forbidden Room now has three new Pai Zhuq Masters.

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