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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

For those of you who don't know, there is going to be a new Live Action Show called Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. The show is geared towards an older audience than Power Rangers and is not created by Disney. The show is created by a new company called "Adness Entertainment". Season One will have 40 episodes, and possibly a Movie if things go well. All 40 episodes have already been filmed. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is an adaptation of "Kamen Rider Ryuki" (japan season) from 2002.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is brought to use by the Wang Brothers, Steve Wang and Michael Wang. They're doing the writing, producing, and directing. Steve Wang directed an episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, "The Rescue Mission", and also directed the two Guyver movies (The Guyver and Guyver: Dark Hero).

Shot on location in Los Angeles.

Originally Posted by Cynopsis: Kids! Thanks goes to BurgundyRanger:
Japan's Adness Entertainment licenses the US broadcast rights for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight to 4Kids Entertainment, which plans to air the series as part of The CW4Kids Saturday morning block on The CW Network for the 2008-9 season. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, a live-action series featuring CGI special effects, follows the adventures of a teen discovers a mysterious deck of cards that give him the power to transform into an ancient warrior called a Kamen Rider. Produced by Adness Entertainment, which is adapting for the US, the series is based on the original series Kamen Rider Ryuki, produced by the Toei Company.

There is a Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (Leaked (Lost)) Pilot (2006) episode which may be found on youtube. NOTE: It is not the real Pilot, and many changes have been made since. The new Official Trailer can be found on youtube, or this direct Veoh flash link. Also, visit the Official Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Adness Entertainment, website.

It's still unknown when exactly Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will air on the CW, but it's possible that the promos may begin in September this year.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 2007 Story Release:

Driven to find his missing father, KIT Taylor discovers a mysterious ADVENT CARD that gives him the power to transform into a KAMEN RIDER, an armored warrior who exists only in the MIRROR WORLD, a dimension opposite of our own reality.

Kit joins forces with LEN, the leader of the KAMEN RIDERS, after he learns that his father may be a hostage of the evil GENERAL XAVIAX, a renegade warlord who gains his power by kidnapping people from this world.

Kit, now KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT, must quickly learn to use his newfound powers to battle General Xaviax and his evil army in the hopes that he will one day find his father.

Little does Kit realize that if the remaining 10 ADVENT CARDS should fall into the wrong hands, it could pose an even greater danger...DARK KAMEN RIDERS...

TV Series, 40 episodes available 2008.

Theatrical film available 2009.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight 2008 Story Release:

On the other side of every mirror on Earth lies the parallel dimension of Ventara - a world destroyed by the evil alien, General Xaviax. The Kamen Riders were warriors from Ventara who fought Xaviax with armor and abilities powered by their Advent Decks. Unfortunately, Xaviax stole the Advent Decks and defeated all the Riders but one.

Kamen Rider Wing Knight is the sole surviving Kamen Rider - the only man who can stop Xaviax from destroying Earth the same way he destroyed Ventara. To defeat Wing Knight, Xaviax brought the Advent Decks to Earth and tricked ordinary citizens into becoming new Kamen Riders - super-powered soldiers who will carry out his evil plans.

After his father's mysterious disappearance, Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck and becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He joins forces with Kamen Rider Wing Knight to defeat the ten corrupt Kamen Riders that Xaviax sends against them. By fighting, the two hope not only to save the Earth from Xaviax's domination, but to find Kit's missing father and win back Ventara as well.
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