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Power Rangers Jungle Fury Press Release

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Press Release : Saturday, February 16th, 2008
* Thanks goes to Burgundy Ranger from Power Rangers On-Air Central:

Jungle Fury Cast Pic

The international phenomenon of the "Power Rangers," which shows the power of team work and that good triumphs over evil, is in its 16th incarnation - "Power Rangers Jungle Fury." Set on present-day Earth, three teenagers skilled in Kung Fu martial arts are given the gift to morph into Power Rangers and must join forces to battle an ominous, evil spirit, Dai Shi, that recently escaped from its ten thousand year old imprisonment. Together under the direction of their Kung Fu Master, RJ, the Power Rangers will fight to save the world from total destruction.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury" airs as part of the Jetix programming block Mondays and Fridays (8:00 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. ET/PT) and weekends (8:30 a.m., ET/PT) on Toon Disney.

The story of "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" begins many centuries ago when an evil spirit, Dai Shi, roamed freely across the earth, causing destruction, famine and harm everywhere it went. Many tried to stop it, but it was too powerful to be destroyed. Fortunately, through valiant fighting, the Order of the Claw, a group of Kung Fu martial artists, part of the Pai Zhuq, were able to capture the evil spirit and have since been able to keep him locked away. The secret of their prisoner and their duty to keep him under control was passed along from generation to generation of Pai Zhuq members. The school always had three master warriors, aware of their mission, always at the ready in case the Dai Shi escaped. For years though, their talents have not been needed.

Now, years later, Dai Shi has escaped and three new warriors have been selected by the Pai Zhuq to find and destroy the evil Dai Shi. The three teen warriors must go to where evil once made its home, a land once uninhabited, now known as Ocean Bluff, California. In their new home, the teen warriors must assume normal lives working at a pizza parlor under the guidance of their boss and new Kung Fu Master, RJ, who gives them the power to morph into the secretive Power Rangers.

The morphers transform Casey into the Red Ranger, who has the animal spirit of a Tiger – a bit of a rebel who likes to do things his own way. Theo becomes the Blue Ranger, who has the animal spirit of a Jaguar - smart, sleek and a good fighter and Lily changes into the Yellow Ranger, who has the animal spirit of a Cheetah –with lightning fast moves and a cool demeanor.

Later in the season, RJ taps into his wolf spirit to become the Wolf Ranger and his old pal Dominic who befriends the Power Rangers, unleashes his animal spirit to become the Rhino Ranger. Together, they team up with the Power Rangers to fight against the Dai Shi and his army of animal spirits before they obliterate the human world.

"Power Rangers Jungle Fury" stars Jason Smith as Casey, the Red Ranger, Aljin Abella as Theo, the Blue Ranger, Anna Hutchison as Lily, the Yellow Ranger, David de Lautour as RJ/Wolf Ranger, and Nikolai Nikolaeff as Dominic Hargan/Rhino Ranger.

Bruce Kalish ("The Famous Jett Jackson") and Koichi Sakamoto serve as executive producers. Sally Campbell is the producer. "Power Rangers Jungle Fury" is produced by Ranger Productions Ltd. and films on location in Auckland, New Zealand.
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