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 Strike Rider Cruise
Name: Strike Rider Cruise.
Arrived in: Episode 4.
Call: "With the strength of a Tiger, Strike Rider Cruise!"
Powers(Att): Lasers from eyes; "Strike Rider, High Speed! Attack Mode, Go!"
Bio: The Strike Rider Cruise was made by RJ. Red Ranger powers it up with his Tiger Spirit. The power cycle comes with upper body armor for the Red Ranger. The cycle can fire powerful lasers from the eyes and can bite enemies by shifting the front wheel out and back. Switching to Attack Mode, Red Ranger ducks down for a top to appear, the front wheel shifts from front to back of the cycle, then rides at the enemy with great speed and delivers a powerful fury strike.

 JKP01 Delivery Scooter
Name: JKP01 Delivery Scooter (unknown).
First seen used in: Episode 15.
Bio: This is one of RJ's Jungle Karma Pizza Delivery vehicles. Casey used the Scooter.

Episode 24: Dominic uses the Scooter.

 Cheetah Motorcycle
Name: Cheetah Motorcycle (unknown).
Episode(s): 15.
Bio: Lily becomes effected by a quill inside of her from Porcupongo, and with a whole new non-considerate attitude, Lily gets herself a Motorcycle. After the last quill is finally out of her, Lily uses the cycle to ride into battle and help her friends.

 JKPIZZA Delivery Jeep
Name: JKPIZZA Delivery Jeep (unknown).
First seen used in: Episode 19 (seen since ep1).
Bio: This is one of RJ's Jungle Karma Pizza Delivery vehicles. Casey and Fran used the Jeep in ep19.
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